Raymond the MantaRay
Dapper Manatee
I’ve been working pretty hard on both my branding and my website as of late. Messing around with Wordpress is sometimes a bit tedious, but I think I’m finally starting to get it! I’ll post a link once I have a little more finished, but here’s the header!!
Omastar used earthquake! …or thunder. Or something awesome. (#5)
So this one time, I got off work early and instead of sleeping or checking out the meteor shower, I decided it would be fun to stay up all night and design a logo based off of one of my best friend’s name. Not gonna lie, I think I want to do more. :)
cittycat asked:
Draw yourself as a kingdom hearts character!

Princess Leia, palette # 16
Just killing time before I go to work…
Woo sneasel!! 
Another color challenge request from facebook!! The 10th Doctor in color scheme #9.
working hard to revamp my branding…now with peach hair!! :DVisit my facebook page to see more! 
It’s about bedtime now, but I’m so excited to color this drawing I did of me tomorrow! It’s going to make one rad icon!
evelynslove asked:
Seriously, your blog deserves a lot more recognition!!! Your art is so clean looking, I love it! Keep it up <3 (^ω^)

Oh wow, thank you!! You have a lovely blog as well. <3
This note just made my night! :3

Wicket Wystri Warrick
As requested on FB, Edward Scissorhands!! Colors #3. I&#8217;m still taking requests!!